Cartoon of woman fishing

Casting the Line

When online dating, you’re casting your line into an endless possibility of colorful and tasty catches, hoping to snag the prize-winning fish. Cyber dating can be likened to riding a humongous tidal wave, diving off the giant cliffs in Mexico, swimming across the English Channel, or taking a dip with the sharks. Sure, you hope it will be an exciting adventure to laugh about later, but what is online dating really like?

I have met some truly interesting men, enjoyed a number of delightful dates, and even made some life-long friends in the cyber online dating process. While fighting off a few sharks, I’ve pulled myself out of some powerful undertows and escaped the inky tenacles of an octopus in heat. On the sunny side, I’ve also shared the water with some graceful dolphins, and snorkeled with schools of the finest catches.

It’s hasn’t been an easy task to steer my raft through the wild rapids of online dating without sinking into the treacherous foamy waters. My line has been cast into many glassy lakes, choppy rivers and the ebb and flow of the ocean tides. I’ve returned my share of catches back to the dark depths from which they came, and still managed to reel in some award worthy specimens. My flimsy rubber raft has sprung a few leaks, while colliding with jagged rocks, and the dolphins sang delightfully while bumping me off my safe little perch of solo security. The friendly dolphins are keeping the cantankerous sharks away (for now), but I have been stung by a few transparent jelly fish with rather long reaching tentacles.

So, my advice is to hang in there and keep throwing that line in to the online dating pond. Put lots of bright colored bait on the hook, and just enjoy the challenge and stimulation of the sport. Remember, you can always throw back your catch if it doesn’t meet your standards.





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