Haunted Dolls

“Some dolls are just toys, but some dolls are something else. Something dark and twisted. Something that wants to hurt you. Something that is possessed by an evil spirit. Don’t trust any doll that looks at you funny. It might be waiting for the right moment to strike.” – Anonymous

Hi everyone, welcome back to my blog! Today I want to talk about something spooky and creepy: possessed dolls. Yes, you heard me right. Dolls that are haunted by spirits or demons or whatever else you can imagine. Sounds crazy, right? Well, not so fast. There are actually many stories and legends about dolls that have a life of their own, and some of them are pretty scary. Let me share with you some of the most famous examples of possessed dolls in history.


One of the most well-known cases is Annabelle, a raggedy Ann doll that was given to a young woman named Donna in 1970 by her mother. Donna and her roommate soon noticed strange things happening around the doll, such as finding it in different positions or rooms, or discovering notes written in a child’s handwriting saying, “Help us”. They also professed to observe the doll move and make sounds. One medium told them that the doll was possessed by the spirit of a 7-year-old girl named Annabelle Higgins, who had died in a car accident near their apartment. The medium said that Annabelle was harmless. She just wanted to stay with them and be loved. Donna and her roommate agreed to let the doll stay, but things deteriorated quickly.

They started to experience violent attacks from the doll, such as scratches, bites, and bruises. Blood was also on found on the doll’s dress and hands. They sought help from paranormal investigators Ed and Lorraine Warren, who were famous for their involvement in other cases such as The Amityville Horror and The Conjuring. The Warrens determined that the doll was not possessed by a human spirit, but by an evil entity that was pretending to be a child. They said that the entity wanted to possess one of them and use them as a conduit for its evil deeds. An exorcism was performed on the doll, and it was taken away from Donna and her roommate. They placed it in a glass case in their occult museum, where it remains to this day. I have to wonder why they wouldn’t destroy the evil toy. That seems like the practical thing to do.


Another famous haunted doll case is Robert, a sailor doll that was given to a 4-year-old boy named Robert Eugene Otto in 1904 by his grandfather. The boy named the doll after himself and became very attached to it. He would talk to it and play with it all the time, but his parents soon noticed something odd about their son’s behavior. The doll was blamed for any mischief or trouble he caused, saying “Robert did it”. He would also have conversations with the doll that sounded like two different voices. His parents would hear him scream at night and find him terrified in his bed, surrounded by overturned furniture and toys. He would say that Robert had attacked him.

The boy grew up with the doll and kept it even as an adult. He became an artist and moved into a new house with his wife, where he gave the doll his own room. His wife hated the doll and felt uneasy around it. She said that the doll’s expression would change depending on its mood, and that it would move around the house by itself. She begged her husband to get rid of it, but he refused. I can’t imagine why she didn’t find the doll his own space in a round file far, far away. Robert (the man, not the doll) died in 1974, but Robert the doll lived on.

The new owners of the house also experienced strange phenomena involving the doll. They said that they would hear footsteps and giggles coming from the room where Robert was kept. It was also report that they would see the doll’s face peering out of the window when they were outside. They claimed that Robert had a mind of his own and could affect their lives in negative ways. They donated the doll to a local museum in 1994, where it is still hauntingly on display.

These are just two examples of possessed dolls, but there are many more out there. Some people believe that dolls can become possessed by spirits or entities because they have human-like features and can act as vessels for them. Others think that dolls can develop personalities or souls of their own over time, especially if they are treated with love or hate by their owners. Whatever the case may be, there is something unsettling about dolls that seem to have a life of their own.

What do you think? Do you believe in possessed dolls? Have you ever encountered one? Let me know in the comments below! And remember to subscribe to my blog, Facebook and Twitter for more spooky stories! Until next time, stay safe and keep away from creepy dolls!





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