Meet Market Blues

At my age it becomes a little more difficult to find a good man. It doesn’t matter how attractive I am for a woman of my age, how much exercise I get, or how many miles I run on the treadmill. It is difficult to compete with someone half my age with a double D boob job.

Going to a MEET MARKET can be pretty frustrating. The men there that are my age are all futilely chasing some 25-year-old fashion model who is only there to get free drinks. Come on guys, let’s get real here. Why would this hot young thing be interested in an older distinguished gentleman? Unless she has a daddy complex, I am sure she would prefer someone of her own age. What do you have that a younger man doesn’t? The answer is a thick wallet, my dear.

You might think the same thing about us older women, but the difference is that we aren’t unrealistically chasing after some young stud who is out of our league. Instead, we are looking for a man close to our own age who is nice, respectful and fun to be with.

How about it guys. Give the women of your own generation a chance. You will find that we are interesting, fun and attractive. We are uninhibited, self-reliant and appreciate you for who you are, not for what you can give us. There is something to be said for conversing with someone with intelligence, experience and a common bond. Think about it.





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