Spring Crafts for Adults: Fun and Inspiring Ideas to Welcome the Season

There is no wrong way to make pretty things!


Spring is a time of renewal and creativity, and what better way to embrace this season than by engaging in some fun and inspiring spring crafts? If you’re like me and not a seasoned crafter, do not fear! Are you just looking for a way to add a personal touch to your home? There are classes to teach you the basics and instructions online. These ideas are sure to spark your imagination.

Floral Wreaths:

Welcome guests with a handmade wreath full of spring’s best blooms. Use a mix of faux flowers and greenery to create a piece that will last all season long. Silk flowers are also a good choice for a wreath that will last for Springs to come. What’s more inviting than a beautiful handmade wreath adorning your front door? Guests will be delighted to enjoy your handywork.


Bring a bit of the outdoors inside with a DIY terrarium. These miniature landscapes can be as simple or elaborate as you like and are a great way to add some green to your space. Start with a kit and work your way up to spectacular. You’ll be glad you did!

Painted Planters:

Give your plants a stylish home by painting terracotta pots with bright, spring-inspired colors. Geometric patterns or bold stripes can transform an ordinary planter into a statement piece. Again, there are kits with step-by-step instructions, but once you get past the basics, the sky’s the limit. Your fern will thank you!


Embrace the return of our feathered friends by crafting a birdhouse. This is something I have always wanted to try. Imagine the gratitude of the happy singing birds gathering in your yard. What a charming addition to your garden, and it also provides a safe haven for birds.

Macramé Plant Hangers:

Macramé has made a huge comeback, and making a plant hanger is a relaxing way to spend an afternoon. Plus, it’s a stylish way to display your plants. It’s easier than you think to create a beautiful plant hanger. You won’t know if you don’t at least try. Let me know how it turns out!

Handmade Soaps:

Create your own handmade soaps with fresh, floral scents. They make perfect gifts or a luxurious addition to your bathroom. Whether you use a pre-made soap base or create them entirely by hand, it’s a great skill to have, and fun too!

Pressed Flower Art:

Preserve the beauty of spring flowers by pressing them and creating framed art. This is a wonderful way to bring the essence of spring into your home. Pressed flower art is a beautiful way to preserve flowers from a special occasion (prom, first date), and a lot better them sticking them in a book. It’s a beautiful form of art that has been around for eons. Of course there are kits, but it’s pretty easy to DIY so give it a try.

Customized Tote Bags:

Get ready for farmers’ market season by designing your own tote bags. Use fabric paints or iron-on patches to create a one-of-a-kind look. I remember making my first tote bag in 7th grade sewing class. It was so much fun, and it made a great book bag. There are all kinds of fun decorations out there to try, to make it your own style,

Totes are great for:
  • Everyday carry-all
  • Grocery shopping
  • Gym bag
  • Picnic Basket
  • Drinks
  • Laundry
  • Lunch Bag
  • Travel Accessories
  • Beach Trip
  • Laptop or Tablet
  • Toy Bag

Beaded Wind Chimes:

Combine colorful beads and driftwood to make a unique wind chime that sings with the spring breeze. It’s so relaxing to sit on my porch and listen to my wind chimes on a windy day. It would make it even better if I had crafted them myself.

Garden Markers:

If you’re starting a garden, handmade markers can add a personal touch. Use painted stones or stamped clay to mark your plantings. An easy Spring craft to make and add to your colorful garden. You’ll always know which plants are what. There’s nothing worse than pulling up a carrot for your fresh green salad and getting something entirely different. Take away the mystery with creative handmade markers.

These Spring crafts are more than just activities; they’re a way to celebrate the season and express your creativity. So, gather your materials, find a sunny spot, and enjoy the satisfaction of making something beautiful. You’ll be glad you did!

Happy crafting!





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