Break Free from Inner Blocks and Embrace Your Full Power

“The only impossible journey is the one you never begin.” You have the power to create your own reality and achieve your dreams. Don’t let your inner blocks stop you from taking action and making progress. Start today by identifying and resolving your conflicts, and watch your life transform for the better. You deserve it!

Tony Robbins
Okay, what’s stopping you . . .

from unleashing your full potential and making a go of it? Do you feel that something is keeping you from achieving your dreams?

Internal Obstacles . . .

We all have inner blocks that slow our progress, stopping us just before we reach our final destination of success and prosperity. The trick is to find those blockss and enthusiastically leap over them. Think how happy you will be when you accomplish these seemingly impossible goals.

Write it Down . . .

Your task is to sit quietly with a pen and paper in hand. Write down the first five inner blocks that come to mind. If you let your subconscious mind take over and have free rein, everything will become clear.

As you look at your answers, ask yourself this: Are you being honest with yourself, or do you tend to blame other people or external factors for your lack of progress?

It’s important to remember that most blocks we carry start internally and work their way out. If you always think that the blockage is external working its way in, then you are avoiding the acceptance of your own responsibility.

The Next Step . . .

Your next step is to go through your answers one by one. Identify the core of each problem and deal with it first. Once the inner issue is resolved, the problem will probably fix itself. However, you might find that there’s more than one core to each inner block. If that’s the case, deal with them one by one until the problem is resolved.

An Example . . .

As an example, one common barrier to success that people face is a fear of failure. This can manifest as procrastination, self-doubt, perfectionism, or avoidance of taking risks. The core behind this inner block is often a lack of self-confidence or a negative self-image. To overcome this barrier, you must work on building your self-esteem and changing your mindset from a fixed one to an expanding one. You need to see failure as a learning experience, not as a reflection of your worth or ability. Like Wayne Dyer always said, “If you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change.”

Another Example . . .

A lack of motivation is another example of an inner block many people must work to overcome. This can manifest as boredom, distraction, laziness, or lack of direction. The inner core issue behind this barrier to success is often a lack of clarity or passion for what you are doing. Be specific with your goal. Narrow it down. Find your purpose and align your actions with your values and goals. You need to visualize what you want to achieve (make it real) and specify why it matters to you. Break down your goals into easily manageable steps and always reward yourself when you make progress.

Take Responsibility . . .

These are just two examples of inner blocks that might keep you from achieving your goals. There are many other barriers such as stress, anxiety, anger, guilt, or resentment that you might need to overcome. The key is to be honest with yourself and most importantly, take responsibility for your own life. Consequently, you will have the power you need to delete the barrier that’s holding you back from achieving success.

The Choice is Yours . . .

We all have the power to create our own reality. Inner blocks only have the power that you give them. Quit letting these barriers block you from accomplishing your goals and achieving your every dream. You are most certainly capable of overcoming any obstacle with the right mindset and attitude. Remember, you are the only one who can hold yourself back or push yourself forward. Therefore, the choice is yours. Make it a good one.

I hope this blog post will be helpful to you. Let me know in comments if inner blocks are keeping you from accomplishing your goals in life. While you’re here, check out some of my previous posts for more words of encouragement.






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