Man is still the most extraordinary computer of all!

John F. Kennedy

NLP (Neuro-linguistic Programming) is all about speaking to the unconscious mind in a language it can easily understand.

Believe it or not, the unconscious mind understands things differently than the conscious mind does. Like a computer, the unconscious mind is a great deal more complex. And guess what . . . We all have one! So, we probably should learn to communicate with it. 😉

Speak in the positive.

The first thing that we learn in NLP is that the unconscious understands only positive statements, especially when you’re relaxed, and your mind is wandering. 🥱 So, if I were to say to you, “I do not want you to do that.” what your unconscious mind really hears is, “I do want you to do that.” Your unconscious mind hears only the positive statement. That is why we have so many problems getting our children to listen and obey. They are hearing something totally different than what we are trying to convey. Young children are always in a state of hypnosis, so they are very vulnerable to suggestion. Next time, say it this way: “I want you to do this.” Be specific and be clear. 🤗

Our beliefs affect our lives.

Our beliefs affect our lives in positive and negative ways. Look at it this way. You could compare a newborn baby 🤔 to a computer just out of the box. She has just been programmed for the very basic stuff (breathing, bodily functions, etc.) The first thing that adorable baby learns to do is to cry. 😪 She cries a certain way to let her mother know she needs to be fed or changed. (Mom is also being programmed). As time goes by, she will learn to smile, roll over, crawl and eventually walk. Everything this cute little baby learns is a program. There will be times when she will learn things that are unproductive. Maybe she will learn that if she throws a tantrum, she gets what she wants. When she is 30 years old, she might still think that throwing a tantrum is the thing to do and this could become a problem for her. 😶‍🌫️

Delete unproductive programs.

Neuro-linguistic programming helps to delete these unproductive programs. NLP uses simple processes that work with the unconscious mind to get rid of old programs and create new ones. Hypnosis is an effective method, but not the only one. A timeline will take you back to the creation of a program, where it can easily be deleted or changed. Parts Therapy will target that specific part of your personality that is at odds with all the other parts. These are only a few of the methods Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) uses to create change. Give it a try! You will be amazed at the difference NLP can make in your life! 😁



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