Identity Crisis?

What…defines a person as a unique individual? A natural disposition? A face? A vocabulary of gestures? Are we born individuals…or do we mold ourselves into unique creatures through our experiences and accomplishments? Every human enters the world with a vast, incalculable potential. But myriad factors invariably conspire to prevent us from fully achieving that potential.
― Ezra Claytan Daniels, Upgrade Soul

The Cat’s Meow

Ever encountered someone who’s not just *kitten* around with their identity? I have a friend who’s the cat’s pajamas – she identifies as a cat! Purr-haps you think she’s just *kitty* littering around, but she’s serious. With cat ears perched atop her head and a meow for every occasion, she’s redefining ‘normal’ in a world where self-identification is as varied as cat breeds.

Is this an identity crisis or just a paws-itively purr-fect sense of self? Is she clawing at the curtains of reality or simply embracing a life of *whisker*-dom? In our modern jungle, it’s not so wild to express oneself in unique ways. Maybe she’s got the right idea; after all, cats are known to be independent, curious, and have nine lives to boot. So let’s not pounce to conclusions – maybe it’s time we all take a *paws* and consider living life with a little more cattitude!

Identity Calamity

Does an identity crisis involve identifying as something you are not? Let’s unpack that. An identity crisis can often mean questioning deeply held beliefs about oneself. It’s like looking in the mirror and not recognizing the person staring back at you. It’s a period of uncertainty and confusion where one might explore different aspects of their identity, which could include adopting characteristics or roles that feel foreign or uncharacteristic at first. But it’s not necessarily about being something you’re not; it’s more about searching for the truest version of yourself.

Modelling or Remodeling?

In NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming), modelling is a fascinating concept. It’s like temporarily stepping into someone else’s shoes to pick up on their positive vibes. You mimic their moves, their speech, even their thought patterns. It’s all about soaking in the good stuff and then stepping back into your own groove. Remember, it’s a learning curve, not a personality transplant. Sure, we all have dormant traits that need a little wake-up call now and then. But hey, don’t lose sight of the awesome person you already are. God didn’t make a typo when he made you. Constantly chasing after a different version of yourself? That’s like running on a treadmill – you’re going nowhere fast. So, give yourself a high-five for being uniquely you and rock it!

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