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My Heart-Be Still

Work is not always required … there is such a thing as sacred idleness, the cultivation of which is now fearfully neglected.”
— George MacDonald

From my front porch I have the most picturesque view of the desert. As I sit on my outdoor barstool enjoying a refreshing drink, I watch the sunset color the sky in pink and orange shimmers of fading light rays. The mountains cross the horizon and I sigh in amazement at the beauty God gives us to enjoy every single day.

When was the last time you sat down, relaxed and just enjoyed the sunset without hearing that little voice in the back of your mind- “Shouldn’t you be doing something? Why aren’t you cleaning the dinner dishes? How about those bills you still haven’t paid?” Before you know it, the sunset has turned into a black night sky speckled with thousands of stars, and you didn’t even notice it happening.

Our society frowns upon idleness, and worships the productivity god. From childhood on we have been programmed to “get things done”, “accomplish something”, and “stop wasting time”. When were we ever allowed to just sit back and enjoy all of God’s creations?

It’s time to change that programming. Take the time to be still. Do absolutely nothing, and enjoy every last decadent and enjoyable second of it! Listen to the birds sing. Smell the fragrant flowers that are growing in your own back yard. Really taste life and all it has to offer. Our world is a masterpiece waiting to be appreciated for all of it’s splendor. Give yourself the gift of reflection and inactivity, without the guilt.

Taking the time to be still restores balance to a hectic and stressful lifestyle. So as I sit and enjoy my cool beverage and the fresh Spring evening- I toast to you!





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