Reigning Cats and Dogs

In the honeymoon of a relationship everything seems perfect. That desirable man can do no wrong. Even when he shows up at your door with a mischievous mega dog named Cujo, a giant Great Dane. As Cujo sends you sprawling with a playful nudge, your love interest laughingly comments that his “puppy” is just an overgrown Chihuahua.

So, okay. What is wrong with this picture? How long will you be able to deal with this guy’s “puppy”? What does the future hold for this potential relationship?

I have one friend whose cushy love nest lost its appeal when she had to share it with an ill-tempered pup. Susan is a cat person who loves to sit for hours petting her cute little kitty, Fuzzy. She fell head over heels for Michael by their third date. Then she met Precious, his little, yappy, mixed-breed mutt. The cantankerous dog growled and nipped at her when she went to pet his wiry head. Michael’s reaction shocked her. Instead of chastising the pooch, he turned on her. “What did you do to poor little Precious?”, he snarled.

When Michael moved in, Susan had to keep her cat hidden from sight. Every time that Precious spotted Fuzzy, she would chase her with the dedicated vigor of a cheetah in pursuit of a wildebeest. The cat took to hiding in the closet and would never come out to sit on Susans lap for their nightly pet. When Fuzzy scratched the aggressive dog’s nose in self-defense, Michael told her to get rid of her cat. Needless to say, it wasn’t the cat that vacated the premises.

Men and women all have a preference where pets are concerned, and they don’t always match up. Owning a pet is a commitment you make for years to come. You must make sure his pet is an animal you can live with. Whether it is a cat or a dog, he or she will affect your life as much as a step-child, and perhaps even more. When you consider whether your love interest is the right man for you, consider his pet.

Remember that a dog or a cat can live to be fifteen to twenty years old. That is a long time to commit to living with an animal you have an aversion to. If you think that his pet might be a problem for you, be fair to him and his furry friend by discussing the issue right from the start. Fifty percent of all pets are discarded after less than twelve months, mostly due to family issues. Don’t let your pet become a statistic.






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