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Write on!

Handwriting reveals an individual’s true personality and you don’t have to be trained in Graphology to see it. Just pay attention to how the written word makes you feel. Handwriting that is blotchy, unbalanced, erratic and irregular will make you feel uneasy. These characteristics can be an indication of an unstable character.

Pleasant, easy flowing, regular and balanced composition indicates the writer will have these same qualities. Handwriting that is overly neat, and obsessively perfect will also make you feel a little off kilter. Pay attention to these feelings, and your own intuition. They are more “write on” than you know.

When considering the many methods of self-improvement technology, Graphology should be placed at the beginning of the list. There’s a distinct connection between the sub-conscious mind, and the physical manifestation of a written document.

Penmanship is a verifiable expression of your inner thoughts, feelings and personality traits. Sometimes referred to as brain writing or mind writing, it reflects your past, your present, and can influence your future. Studies have been conducted that suggest you can consciously change your personality by altering your handwriting. Life experiences etch themselves into our minds, leaving a distinct impression that influences our lives in elusive ways. Disguising our inner selves is a matter of self-preservation, a protection from the outside world. A freely written handwriting sample is an open book to an individual’s true character, temperament and nature.





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