Your Wish is Your Command! We Can Create Our Reality!

He who doubts that the best will come to him with doing of that which is correct is already defeated. Don’t blame others for what has happened or may happen. Do right yourself, physically, mentally and spiritually, and the best will come to you.

Edgar Cayce Reading 5203-1

We are the creators of our experience.

Embrace Your Power.

At some level we are always in control of every aspect of our lives. Your wish is your command! This can be a difficult concept for some of us to realize. Especially when we look around at what we have created! When we see chaos, unhappiness, and despair all around us, it always seems easier to put the blame elsewhere. Life becomes a piece of cake (chocolate? vanilla? cherry?) when we embrace our own power and go with it. Once we know we can create our own reality, we become the creative beings we were meant to be.

Change Limiting Beliefs.

Beliefs that reside deep within our subconscious mind have a powerful, and at times detrimental effect on our motivations and abilities. At the same time, we can change the limiting beliefs or delete them completely by using visualization and being careful of our language and thoughts. As the creators that we are, we can create new productive beliefs that will propel us to greater success and happiness!

Create Success.

We master our personal power when we can accept the responsibility for our own experience and take charge of the amazing opportunity we call the future. When we ask ourselves “Why do I seem to attract what I don’t really want?” we trap ourselves in to excuses and rationalization. Changing the question to “How can I attract what I do want?” creates movement in the direction of success.

Be Optimistic.

Famous author and visionary Wayne Dyer states in his book The Power of Intention“If you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change.” This means that negative concepts such as failure, defeat, desperation, and self-condemnation must be erased from the white board of your conscious mind. A mindful effort to remove these ideas and replace them with optimistic ones, such as success, happiness, and love will manifest transformation deep within the subconscious mind. We can create a positive outcome.

Learn and Grow.

Every experience provides the opportunity to learn and grow. The goal is to run with that opportunity when you see it. Life is a marathon, and every step taken brings you closer to the finish line. Everybody moves at their own pace, and arrives according to their own timeline. Ribbons and trophies are given equally to all participants regardless of who arrives first.

Be Grateful.

It’s a true gift to be the creators of our own experience. Therefore, we should be thrilled with the opportunity, joyous and grateful! Life is what you want it to be, and your genie (the universe) is waiting to grant your every desire. “Your wish is your command!”





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