Summer Sun and Fun

“Ah, summer, what power you have to make us suffer and like it.”

Russell Baker

Ah, Summer, that magical time of the year when the sun decides to work overtime, and the air conditioning bills skyrocket. It’s the season where everyone’s winter clothes hibernate deep in the closet, and the flip-flops come out to play. So, let’s dive into the stifling hot world of Summer’s grand entrance!

The Sun

First off, let’s talk about the unofficial mascot of Summer: the sun. It’s like that overeager friend who shows up way too early to the party and just. Won’t. Leave. And just when you think it’s set for the night, it’s back at 5 AM, peeking through your blinds, reminding you that sleep is for the weak and sunburns are for the strong.

The Patio

Then there’s the phenomenon of everyone suddenly realizing they have a patio. Yes, that mystical patch of concrete behind your house becomes the center of the universe. BBQs light up faster than a firework on the Fourth of July, and the smell of grilled everything wafts through the neighborhood like an aromatic siren call. This is especially great when you leave your window open to let in the smell of fresh charcoal burning.

The Pool

Let’s not forget the community pools, the watering holes of suburbia, where the water is a refreshing mix of chlorine and the collective sunscreen of your fellow swimmers (among other things…). It’s where kids turn into noisy sea otters, and adults float around on colorful pool noodles like they’re the last life rafts on the Titanic.

The Ice Cream Truck

And how can we ignore the ice cream trucks, those melodic merchants of frozen joy? Their jingles become the soundtrack of the season, and children (and let’s be honest, adults too) flock to them like moths to a delicious, frosty flame.

The Gym

But perhaps the most comical part of Summer starting is the sudden influx of workout enthusiasts. Gyms become more crowded than a Black Friday sale, and water aerobics classes abound as everyone scrambles to attain that elusive ‘beach body.’ Spoiler alert: every body is a beach body if you just bring it to the beach.

So, as we embrace the sweat, the sunburns, and the sweet taste of watermelon, let’s raise a glass of iced tea to Summer. May your days be long, your nights be warm, and may you always find a parking spot at the beach. Happy Summer, everyone! 🌞🍦🏖️

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2 responses to “Summer Sun and Fun”

  1. Charli Dee Avatar
    Charli Dee

    Really enjoyed reading this cute post! My parents complain all the time about the air conditioning cause it drives the electric bill so high! lol. I ctaua;ly don’t like the air conditioning for a different reason! I’m like Elsa from Frozen but for the heat! The heat never bothered me anyway! 😂 I get cold very easily, so I don’t like being under the air conditioning for very long. That’s one thing I don’t like about the summer! I do like that I can go out without having to worry about bundling up like during the winter. During the winter when you’re going out you gotta spend time looking for that scarf or gloves. During the summer you can just put your clothes on and run out! During the spring and Fall the weather is always up and down and there’s always rain. I like the consistency of summer! It’s just hot! lol. Thankyou for this really cute post!

    1. ellensayshi Avatar

      I’m really glad you enjoyed my post. I live in Arizona so it’s pretty hot all year long. we do have a baby winter here, and sometimes even get snow for a short while.

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